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  • June 18, 2018


With respect to Compromise

The modern day believers are compromising a great deal. At school a so-called Christian would compromise the truth of God’s Word by indulging in examination malpractices while most of our female students would shamelessly allow themselves to be ravaged by ungodly lecturers who take their turn to sleep with them in order to favour them during examination or avoid the threats of these agents of Lucifer on “academic gown”.

Others, compromise their faith in their places of work in order to get promotion. They have forgotten what the scripture says about promotion. “For promotion cometh neither from the east nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteh down one, and setteth up another” (Ps. 75:6).

Looking at our lives as Christians today, it is sad to note the increasing rate at which we compromise. Needless to say that believers can be found among those that give and receive bribes in our society today. Here some of our sisters have even joined their counterparts in the world to resort to using their so called “bottom power” either to secure job, business contract or get some other favour. The rate of telling lies among many who profess to be Christians today is becoming alarming. When it comes to monetary matters for instance, most believers forget who they are and tell interesting but dangerous lies without blinking their eyes, in order to either get what they want or win their cases.

Where do you think we are heading to with all these compromising attitude as portrayed in our present day mode of dressing as believers or with our shameless practices and importation of the world’s pattern of living intothe Church of Christ? My dear sister, you think the All knowing God doesn’t know the big idea behind your waering the micro-mini skirt and transparent blouse to sit in the front pwe crossing and uncrossing your legs while turning a pious innocuous eyes on the Preacher? Some ladies who buy three pieces of handkerchiefs – one for covering the front, the other for her buttocks and the last for the breast are not only comfortable in the Church but are often appointed Church workers and ordain Elders, Evangelist, Deaconesses or even Pastors by most greedy and coveteous Church leaders of our time bedeviled by lust of the flesh. Meanwhile, the slitting of our sisters’ gowns almost to the last vertebra, short sleeves, and clothes open to the navel all to make a revelation of prancing feet and mincing steps and the sensitive parts of heir bodies erotically provoking, are minor issues according to many of our Pastors that must not be preached against. Only Heaven knows, when last such Pastors truly heard from the God they claim to be representing.

The distracting and obstructing “Architecture” of women hair styles, make ups, nail grooming makes most female Church goers look more like the “Igbe” worshippers or dangerous masquerades or the water goddess. There is hardly no part of women’s body today even some so-called Christians, that has not been perfected, shortened, stretched, compacted, tattooed, disfigured, fried, painted, bleached, reformed, squeezed, roughened, out of vanity or desire for ornament. Their hand bags contain armoury of different beauty materials with which to brazenly renew their beauties everywhere now and then, even while eating, or inside the buses, public place or the church.

The men are not left out in this unchristian way of dressing. Some, in obedience to satanic manipulations under the guise of fashion, wear dirty, oversized jeans trousers, which they march on as they walk. Others wear oversized long sleeve shirts, which they leave like madmen, without caring to button up properly. It is no more news that some men put on earrings, plait, weave or curl their hair. Today, some have taken a fancy to the new system of wearing the neck tie and face cap, far less admirable than normal way. We equally have our men who wear tightly elastic shirt that accentuate their well-formed muscles and shapes like their female counterparts. To crown it all, rugged boots that are fit for construction work are put on. These people – our “homeboys and girls” turned choir, band members and even Church workers could not be able to tell one the reasons why they dress as they do. The only explanation is that it is the fashion of the time or that they are imitating others. Who says Satan is not at work in the Church?

It amazes me how some evangelicals will admit the truth of the scripture yet will over emphasize their own understanding to the point that close to nullifying the Word of God. Jesus said that the Jews we nullifying the Word of God by their traditions; we nullify the Word of God at times by over emphasizing some detail and vain religious dogmas, traditions and selfish desires to the point that God’s truth is made void.

Men have become so skilful in manipulating the Word of God, that every beautiful message started by these liberals and “it doesn’t matter” preachers of our time ends in prosperity. When it comes to politics, power, position or monetary issues, many people display incredible double standard. Their on-again, off-again “morality” is a case study that will leave the most intelligent at sea. Too many in this present world forget that this life is only a dressing room, only a place of preparation and time when we partake of what God has provided but most is yet unseen.

Today unlike during the time of the early Apostles, the emphasis is thrown upon making the most of this life. Christianity is often considered seriously only as a social implication or a necessary ritual within our structure of living. The anti-Christian concept of modernism and secularism which are enemies of Christianity is leading many believers astray today. Modernism is strongly linked with rationalism. The modernist is the broad-minded believer, who is so broad in his views that sometimes you cannot tell where his theology begins or ends. He is a compromising believer of the highest order.

The nation, Nigeria herself, is indeed a country of contradictions. From Lagos to Imo, Port-Harcourt to Sokoto, Zamfara to Delta, Asokoro to Ogun, the streets are lined with Churches and Mosques, yet the country remains in the firm grips of evil people because we have too many “consultants” in the field of satanic compromise. If mere religion were a sole guide judging the greatness of a country, Nigeria will be the greatest on earth. But the truth is that, most of the Churches, Mosques, Public offices and government parastatals are filled with charlatans who use the name of God to enrich themselves.

As a nation, we look more like a gigantic paradox. We are so rich, yet we are hopelessly hopeless. We have great human resources that ought to set us apart and make us rank with the movers and shakers of the world. But we don’t seem to have a divine backing because we are master skimmers in compromising the truth of God’s Word with lies and falsehood. Due to corruption and compromise virtually nothing is done rightly in this country.

The subject of homosexual marriage, Lesbians, election and ordination of Gay Bishops in the Church has not only become subjects of much global public debate and outcry but shows the extent to which God’s Word has been per versed in our time. Gene Robinson’s recent election and consecration as Bishop of New Hampshire in the United States is even a contravention of Church Policy on sexuality. That policy, agreed at the Lambeth Conference of 1998, clearly states that the Anglican Communion cannot support “the legitimizing or blessing of same-sex unions or ordaining those involved in same-sex union”.

Although the retired Ugandan Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo’s statement in support for the gay cause after gene Robinson’s consecration “This consecration is God’s way of making the Church come to terms with homosexuality” (Sunday Champion November 9, 2003, page 38) is worthy of global condemnation. His further comment on this same issue on the same Newspaper above and of same date and page that “Bishop Robinson did not elect himself, he was elected by others….” is indeed a bitter truth. Yes indeed, this game of compromise started long ago. He was not suddenly consecrated a Bishop. He was first of all ordained a Priest. Why was the Church silent all this while on the ordination of gay Priests? The answer is compromise. Evil (sodomy) is given a good name such as ‘gay’ or ‘to diffuse tension’. We are made to believe that every thing is good, depending on the observer.

The Church especially of the Western World stank profusely when this self professed Sodomist was to be consecrated an Anglican Bishop. Abnormality and Satanism were Christianized at the altar of religion even when every parts of the human body speaks for itself without education. I am not a pessimist nor prophet of doom, but the truth is that the way is now open for more of such base minded clergymen to ascend to the bishopric office. Nobody can stop them again because the Church is romancing with darkness. If we do not retrace our erring steps, no sooner than later, self-professed Lesbians will become ordained religious mothers! Back in our land, the political wind is revealing the nakedness of compromisers.

In Nigeria today, what agitates the minds of people is when the political morality standard of our leaders will improve. Yet we find some religious leaders in recent time suppressing the truth in the cause of pandering to selfish political interests. These self-proclaimed men of God must repent from singing the praises of the ruling class and conducting thanksgiving services in celebration of all forms of unrighteousness and mediocrity. The Word of God says, “The LORD is upright … there is no unrighteousness in Him” (Ps. 92:14).

The implication of all this, is that majority of us Christians have compromised our mission and calling in working for the material and spiritual well-being of the Church and humanity. The world and the true Church are two distinct groups of people. While the world is under the dominion of sin and Satan (I John 5:19), the sanctified Church belongs to Christ (Ephes. 5:23-27).

True Christianity lies in purity of heart and life. While few true believers can make great difference for Christ in their community, the guilt of compromise with the world will make other lame ducks instead of being bold as lions in the face of rampaging sin and corruption (I John 3:20-21). As believers, we must resist moral decay and corruption that are prevalent in the society.

Is it not obvious that we believers of this generation have to wake up from our slumber and shake off this demonic plague and spirit of compromise from among us through the matchless name of our Lord Jeusu Christ? One of Franky Schaeffer’s book is rightly titled “A Time For Anger”.

Yes indeed! The time has come for the Church of Jesus Christ to allow God the Holy Spirit to purge her of all filthiness, so that she can vent her holy anger against this powerful indictment of secular hypocrisy and pollution brought about by this satanic spirit and wind of compromise blowing across the Church of God today world-wide. Children of God, arise and do not fear any threat or attack from the pit of Hell. The God who holds the universe is the God who is holding you. No power can destroy an uncompromising believer that God has established.


Culled from Uncompromising Christians in a Compromising World